Nearby Now White Label Admin Site Redesign and Custom CSS

by Cian Chang on July 13, 2023

We are proud to announce a top-down redesign of the Nearby Now admin website for our white label partners and the ability for you to add your own CSS to change the look and feel of the experience for your white label clients. Optimized for performance. Optimized for ease of use. Optimized for the future. Customized by you.

Your CSS specialist can now write custom CSS that you can insert into your agency settings, which will automatically be applied across the admin portal for your agency and each of your clients. Please bear in mind that unless your developer is careful, global CSS changes can also cause significant problems for you and your clients. So you should only take advantage of this if you are completely confident in the CSS and troubleshooting skills of your front end specialist. You can make any cosmetic changes your team is capable of implementing, such as changing colors, fonts, spacing, and other attributes. Please ensure that your team does not actually hide any functionality of the platform, hide labels or informative text, degrade performance or customer experience, or otherwise make changes counter to the spirit of our agreement.

In the redesign, we’ve made it clearer when you are logged into your agency account, and when you are logged into a client account, to help make it easier for you and your agency staff to manage your portfolios. Just take a peak at the menu on the left: if the background is dark, you are logged into your agency account; if the background is white, you are logged into a client account.

We’ve also improved the layout of the admin site to make it easier and more intuitive to find the settings and features you’ve come to count on, and ones you may not have discovered yet.

Don’t worry! Everything that was there before is still there. Just better organized. If you’re having any trouble finding something, please click the Support links to ask or reply to this email.

In particular, we’ve better organized a number of features released in just the last year including: Team Tagging; review trend reporting; user and team location intelligence; automated checkin and review request smart reminders; and a range of Google Business Profile related enhancements including BizReal post automation, Spot-On optimization for multiple business profiles, Google Post scheduler, and detailed Google Business Profile engagement metrics.

Nearby Now White Label Admin Site Redesign and Custom CSS

The company that invented “putting the work you do, to work for you” back in 2011 will never stop innovating for you.

How do you take advantage?

You and your clients are already experiencing the updated admin portal. In order to take advantage of the custom CSS options, please contact our support team letting us know that you would like to get started, and we can provide the details.

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