New Plugin and Layouts for Your Site Integrations!

by Cian Chang on April 03, 2023

We are proud to announce the latest version of our WordPress plugin and our content display API, rewritten from the ground up for optimal performance and flexibility in your site integration.

The new Heatmap plugin replaces the existing Recent Reviews plugin and Service Area / Review Combination Map plugin and it shares all the same display and setting enhancements with the content display API including:

  • the ability to blend Google Business Profile reviews into both the heatmap and the full text display;
  • clickable review pins, displaying more details about each review;
  • two new layout themes, one providing a tiled layout, the other a two-column view, in addition to our classic layout;
  • ability to turn map heat on, or off, and to change the appearance of how the heat is presented;
  • ability to turn review pin clustering on, or off, to provide more options for clicking through maps with dense areas of reviews at particular zoom levels;
  • automatic carousels where there is more than one photo in a checkin;
  • full flexibility on the headers.
Nearby Now Plugin Update

We’re also deploying a new caching scheme and other improvements that translate into a significant performance boost through the plugin and our content display API.

How do you take advantage?

Starting today, if you install our plugin, you’ll get the new one. You’ll use the heatmap shortcode and can draw from the full array of parameters you can see in our plugin documentation here.

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