Agency Prospect GeoGrids will Help Resellers Close

by Cian Chang on December 07, 2023

We are proud to announce our launch of Agency Prospect GeoGrids to provide Nearby Now resellers the power of Google Maps grid ranking analysis. To power up sales, to power up onboarding, and power up prospecting.

A $100 subscription brings you up to 200 prospect grids each month right in your own agency account:

  • you will be able to setup a grid for a specific prospect to arm your sales team with more concrete data to close the sale, and you can move that grid right into the client account when you close them;
  • you will be able to setup a grid to identify the companies that rank for a particular term, in a particular area, arming your sales development team with a highly qualified list of prospects for the markets you want to expand to; and
  • you will be able to setup a grid for an existing client, inside your agency account, to arm your account team with better data to close an upsell or renewal, and you can easily move those grids to the client account when it is time.

The company that figured out how to turn your clients‘ local work into local rankings, brings you a way to show prospects the power of local rankings. And to show them the areas of local weakness that only you, and Nearby Now, can help them strengthen.

Each Agency Prospect GeoGrid includes Google Maps keyword rank tracking for the prospect‘s business, across any area you choose. Each GeoGrid you create will automatically begin tracking how that business ranks in Google Maps at each location inside of the GeoGrid. Each time your GeoGrid runs, you‘ll have a full history of their local rankings as well as an animated heatmap to help you understand how their rankings are changing over time.

In addition to monitoring client rankings, each GeoGrid will also show you the full ranking details of their competitors. This enables you to see which businesses are ranking above and below your prospect for your targeted keywords.

And all this works seamlessly with client GeoGrids, which we launched just last month to enable each and every one of your clients to track their Google Maps rankings, and their competitive positioning, across their entire service areas.

Nearby Now GeoGrids

How do you take advantage?

To activate Agency Prospect GeoGrids, follow the steps in this guide.

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