Share your Agency Prospect GeoGrids

by Billy Coover on February 05, 2024

Agencies can now share Agency Prospect GeoGrids directly with their prospects in an online report.

Utilize this new report to not only show your prospect how well they are ranking (or not), but also show them how they stack up against their local competition.

The new Agency Prospect GeoGrids Report reveals the results of the GeoGrid Run, as well as the following prospect attributes:

  • GAR (Grid Average Rank)
  • TGP/TRP (Total Grid Points over Total Ranked Points)
  • SLM (Share of Local Market)
  • MVP (Map Visibility Performance)
  • Google Reviews

We also display the prospects' Top Competitors, sorted by their SAR (Stack Average Rank) and their SLM (Share of Local Market). Included in the competitors report is a link to the competitor's website as well as their Google Review count and star rating.

Nearby Now Share Prospect GeoGrid

How do you take advantage?

From either your Prospect GeoGrid list, or directly from a Prospect GeoGrid, click on the share icon. The report will open in a new browser tab. You can share this URL directly with your prospect.

(Note: Agency Prospect GeoGrid reports you share will be accessible to anyone that has the report URL)

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