BizReal Google Post Automation & Google Post Scheduler

by Cian Chang on October 19, 2022

We are proud to announce our new BizReal Google Business Profile post auto-poster and our new Google post scheduler for Nearby Now subscribers.

Both take full advantage of our included ability to integrate with multiple Google Business Profiles in each Nearby Now account and to leverage the great checkins, photos and videos your teams are already creating in Nearby Now as source material.

We’re continuing to deepen the value Nearby Now offers, extending more than a decade of our SEO-first focus on building reputation and rankings to build your business.

BizReal for Google Business Profile Posts

Our new BizReal for Google auto-poster makes it easy for you to keep fresh, engaging, relevant content live in your Google Business Profiles(s) without any additional effort from your team. BizReal takes advantage of the great content your teams are already publishing from every job: checkins, photos, and videos.  

Turn on BizReal for a Google Business Profile, and we will automatically pick the most relevant checkin from your team and create a Google post. Nothing is more relevant as a “What’s New” Google post than a great description of one of your latest jobs, complete with a photo or video.

Just sit back and let us help you keep it real on your Google Business Profile(s).

Scheduler for Google Posts

Our new Scheduler for Google Posts enables you to setup rich posts to be published later. 

We make it easy to start a post from scratch if you prefer. Or you can use any of your existing checkins, with or without photos or videos, as source material and inspiration. Or you can simply create a post from one of your existing checkins, with or without a photo or video). 


And whether you use BizReal for Google, our Scheduler for Google Posts, or both, Nearby Now provides comprehensive reporting for all your Google posts from all your integrated Google Business Profiles, all in one place. And when we say all, we mean all: not just the ones you publish with our help, but every Google post visible in each of your profiles. 

Ready to get started?

Checkout this deep dive on the Scheduler for Google Posts, and this deep dive on BizReal for Google Posts.

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