New Cities Report Tracks Your Reputation Footprint

by Cian Chang on September 20, 2023

We are proud to announce the New Cities Report. This report provides a simple view of any new cities that have appeared for the first time in your checkin and review locations during the period you define.

This is a great way to monitor your reputation footprint — the expanding area where your great checkins and reviews are building hyperlocal reputation for you.

This is a great tool for your maintenance team. Set the time period since the last time you added city pages, and get a list of the new cities since then. And only the new cities since then.

And this has all the same great features of our existing reports. You can Save a report for you or your team to return to later. You can Share a link to a report, fully configured, with anyone else who has access to this account. You can Schedule the report to be sent to the people you want, on the schedule you want. And you can Download the report in CSV or PDF form.

Nearby Now New Cities Report

Go to Reports > Performance > New Cities report to check it out now!

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