Team and User Location Intelligence

by Cian Chang on January 10, 2023

We are proud to announce two great new location intelligence features to help you understand your team’s routing throughout the day.

Enable our breadcrumbs feature to get a real-time trail of each team member’s location including current location, previous locations and travel throughout the day, and movement status.

Any admin can get insights into daily distance traveled, average speed, and top speed. The map view also provides admins with a daily visual travel tail for all team members at the same time, making it easy, for example, to see inefficiencies in fleet routing. Or to see who is closest to a specific location to be re-routed for emergency service even if they are still in motion. And admins have access to view a daily team travel tail for up to seven days in the past.

Individual users can also enable a personal travel tail view in their own mobile app, to see their own daily location and transit status and, optionally, other team members’ locations as well.

These features are available today for iOS App users of any paying Nearby Now account. We’ll be expanding them to include Android App users soon.

Nearby Now Location Intelligence

Ready to get started?

To take advantage, login with an admin user to your SEO Pro or SEO Master Nearby Now account. Go to COMPANY > Account Settings > Advanced and go to Team Location Intelligence to turn it on now. To learn more, checkout our deep dive support article: User and Team Location Intelligence.

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