Request Reviews by QR Code

by Cian Chang on September 18, 2023

We are proud to announce that you can now request reviews via QR code when you checkin through our mobile apps. This joins email and SMS requests, and our exclusive audio testimonials, as the most extensive suite of ways to request reviews from your customers in the industry.

And more ways to request reviews translates into more reviews!

It couldn’t be easier. Checkin in the mobile app the same way you did before, and when it comes time to choose how to request a review, in addition to SMS and email you can now choose QR code. If you do, you just flip the phone around so your client can scan the code, and they finish the process on their own phone. As always, we will make sure to verify the customer via a personal email address or cell phone number so you can be sure that your reviews, and reviewers, are always genuine.

Upgrade your iOS or Android mobile app to the latest version to check this out today!

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