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Luis M.

Luis M. Job Checkin

Upon arrival performed maintenance on Lennox unit. Condenser coils were compellty covered in debree. Washed coils off compellty. Amperage’s d throoguhtout system very good & in range. Refrigerant levels good. There is no surge protection outside. Upstairs unit is protected. Replaced filter as other filter was dirty. System is operational upon completion.

Daniel T.

Daniel T. Job Checkin

Performed furnace maintenance on a Lennox communicating gas furnace in Calimesa. Units heating temperature split is in range. Filter is dirty and replaced today with a new MERV 16. Sensors and switches were cleaned and tested. Gas valve and ignitor were tested and recorded. Duct runs are sealed. Condensate lines are clear. Electrical amp draws are all within range meaning an electrically healthy system. Indoor unit is not protected, which is cause for concern if the goal is to get the maximum out of years out of the system. Condition was discussed with the homeowner. System is operational at end of appointment.

Jimmy G.

Jimmy G. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to perform spring tune up on a 2018 lennox unit. Condenser located in back yard. Furnace and Evaporator coil located in attic. Client so stated no issues as system is now operational as they had issues in past with communication. Cycled unit and was operational. Washed condenser and cleaned off condenser coil inside and out. All control boards are all good. Primary is good and fan motor is good and in range. Compressor fan motor is good and in range. System is cooling home good at 20 degrees. Inspected indoor unit. Filter is okay still has about a month or 2 left. Son is not primary decision maker he stated to leave as is and they would get it replaced next visit. System is cooling at 20 degrees and drain lines are clear and draining. No protection on high efficient communicating unit. Would recommend adding surge protectors to system to protect from electrical surge and power outages that can damage or even short out systems and components. Went over all findings and r

Jimmy P.

Jimmy P. Job Checkin


Brian  C.

Brian C. Job Checkin

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