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Mr. Cervantes was very professional and polite. I especially appreciate that he was knowledgeable and competent concerning the task at hand and explained why and what he was doing. Sincerely.

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Andy E.

Andy E. Job Checkin

Ran callback. Customer said system is still tripping the breaker when he runs it. Replaced breaker, disassembled the condensing unit sprayed chemicals inside and out to completely wash it and remove any buildup on the condenser making it work harder. Let the system run for 35-45 minutes uninterrupted. Turned the thermostat off, tried to recreate the situation, turned thermostat back on while system is warm. System turned on fine, no tripped breaker. Tried single stage, and second stage. No issues. Cycled system off and on. System is operational upon departure. If issue does occur again will request a senior tech or Lennox rep to come out and re-check findings. Per Andrew to install a compressor saver kit.

Andy E.

Andy E. Job Checkin

Arrived to home. Customer said system has been blowing room temperature air. He cycled the system on and was, Showed me around and we noticed condensing unit wasn’t operating. Opened up the condensing unit primary motor control was engaged getting 24v from the thermostat, checked power coming in and was getting 8v. Not the 240 needed to power the system on, same at the disconnect. Checked breaker and was tripped. Customer said they got a power outage two weeks ago, have not cycled the system on since then. Says they get power outages regularly. Approved recommendation to install surge protection for both indoor and outdoor systems. And also for our membership plan. Received his 20% on repairs or upgrades. Hooked up gauges to check pressures and are within limit, checked compressor run amps and is within range. Cycled system off and on. System is operational upon departure.

Jamie G.

Jamie G. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to diagnose 2 20 year old leaking system. Client is moving in upon moving in he noticed house had had condensate leak issues in past as he dose already have water damage in master bed room. Client he is in the process of moving and is in escrow so wanted to ensure leaking isssue was fixed. Did indoor unit inspection. Found drain lines not drain and dirty. Once it got to p-trapsit did not drain properly bathroom sink. Advised client of issues. Took drain lines off under bath room sink and saw there is build up clogging up drain lines. went over repair and replacement options. Client dose want to hold off on replacement until next year but did want to go forward with clearing out drain lines! Replacing p-traps, cleaning evaporator coils, and joining our maintenance plan. Vacuumed, blew out, pressure tested, and cleaned drain lines and tested drain lines to ensure it’s now draining properly. Had client with me to visually see it’s go cleared and draining now as I tes

Jorge C.

Jorge C. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to trouble shoot system. Homeowner stated that his furnace is not turning on and he cycled on his AC and that didn’t kick on either. Thermostat is showing that system is heating but system is unresponsive. Found error code E-111 on furnace board stating that system polarity is reversed. After speaking to homeowner, he had an electrician out the day before. System did stop operating shortly after. Unfortunately there would be a charge to repair wiring, unless homeowner calls his electrician back out to fix. He gave me the ok to repair. Re-wired furnace high voltage. Kicked power back on. System fired right up and started heating, no more error code on board. Cycled AC as well everything is working perfectly now. System is fully operational upon departure.

Travis R.

Travis R. Job Checkin

Day 3-Freddy/Tam to return to install heat strip.

Travis R.

Travis R. Job Checkin

Day 2 of install

Michael P.

Michael P. Job Checkin

Air conditioner maintenance and service cleaning in Romona.

Brian  C.

Brian C. Job Checkin

Lowes estimate