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Great service

Professional, knowledgeable technician that took the time to explain what he acid and why.

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Great job!

Everything from quote to install went really smoothly. Everyone was knowledgeable and professional! Would definitely recommend to others!

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Jorge C.

Jorge C. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to perform diagnostic. Upon arrival homeowner mentioned that there is nothing wrong with her system, and said that we called her because rhe Lennox app showed there was an issue with the unit. She made it clear there was nothing wrong with the unit and it has been cooling correctly with no error codes. Checked unit history and found no error codes, and unit is cooling up correctly. We just performed maintenance in April as well. System is fully operational and cooling upon departure.

Luis M.

Luis M. Job Checkin

Upon arrival performed maintenance on both heating and cooling system. CleNed out both systems. Filter was replaced client provided. Installed premium protection on high efficiency unit that covers $10,000 in damages. Washed condenser coils with coil chemicals and water. Circuit board and electrical connections are in great condition. Refrigant levels good. System is operational upon completion.

Jimmy G.

Jimmy G. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to perform fall tune up on a 2017 lennox unit located on n garage. Client stated no issues and is good. Cycled heater and was operational. Filter was dirty and client stated they would order there own and replace once it got here. We and assembly dusty due to area and dirt entering unit. Motor is good and in range of amps. Yeah inducer motor. Is good and in range as well. Temperature rise is good and heating home. All safety switches are operational. Drain lines are clear and dusty. No protection for n unit and highly recommended adding surge protectors on unit to protect from electrical surge and power outages that can damage or even short out systems and components. Cycled unit and went over findings with client recommendations. He is aware but did hold off for now but did want to renew esa. He would let us know when he’s ready. Cycled unit to ensure system operating. System is operational upon departure.

Daniel T.

Daniel T. Job Checkin

Performed AC maintenance on a Lennox system. Upon arrival customer had questions about his S30 thermostat. Questions were answered and a energy saving schedule was created for the homeowner. Units cooling temperature split is 20 degrees. Condensate lines are clear. Filter is very dirty and was replaced today. Indoor blower wheel is slightly dirty. Indoor amp draws are ok. Outdoor coils were heavily caked in dirt but chemically washed today. Compressor and fan amperages are in range. Refrigerant charge is ok. Recommending surge protection to protect the equipment. System was running at end of appointment

Jimmy P.

Jimmy P. Job Checkin

Preformed system maintenance on 1 year old Lennox.

Travis R.

Travis R. Job Checkin

Replace existing system with below mentioned equipment. Add Sun Power/Sun Source 7.2 KW solar system Total Due upon completion $22,177.00 for HVAC. After Clean Air Furnace rebate and LENNOX rebate (paid to customer) Total $20,577.00 HVAC and Sun Power 7.2kw Solar system ($28,800) Combined = $50,977.00 26% Federal Tax Credit amount $13,254.00. Total System cost after all rebates and tax credits $36,122.00