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Jorge C.

Jorge C. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to perform diagnostic on 5 year old Goodman system. System was replaced before homeowners moved in 3 years ago. Homeowner states that system was not cooling on Saturday, but then it started working fine ever since but would still like to get it checked. Cycled system for cooling. Indoor unit kicks on fine, but outdoor compressor was slightly delayed on start up but eventually started up and started cooling. Refrigerant pressures are in range and system is cooling efficiently. Upon evaluation found a low secondary motor control for compressor which was causing it to struggle in start up, which was what could have caused it to not turn on Saturday. Perform attic and duct inspection. Return ducts are not sealed properly and also not designed correctly being placed on top of the furnace instead of on the side with a plenum. Went over all findings and recommendations with homeowner, she is fully aware of the condition of the system. With approval replaced secondary motor con

Jimmy G.

Jimmy G. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to perform spring tune up on a 2018 Payne unit. Condenser is located in back yard. Furnace and Evaporator coil is located in garage. Client stated no issues. Cycled both bit and it was operational. Washed condenser coil inside and out. Found primary control good and secondary was in range. Checked start up amps and are in range but would recommend adding a compressor booster kit to help preserve compressor. Run amps are pulling 14 and max rated at 20. Refrigerant pressures are good and cooling hole at 20 degrees. Found no surge protectors on unit. Client stated he would replace filter him self and supply his own and recommend replacing every 3 months. Cycled unit and went over all findings and recommendations with client. Client is aware how unit is running and conditions and did hold off on recommendations for now. Cycled system to ensure system operating. System is operational and cooling upon departure.

Michael P.

Michael P. Job Checkin

Ensured gas line was tightened and bubble tested. Replaced return flat register. Added foam tape to refrigerant entry in return platform.

Jimmy G.

Jimmy G. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to perform fall tune up on a 1999 American standard system. Furnace located in garage. Client stated he did not want attic and ducting inspected advised it’s part of tune up and ask it’s fine not to checked duct work. Filter was dirty and replaced client supplied his own. Blower assembly and wheel dirty creating stress on motor. Recommend cleaning assembly to reduce stress and high amp on motor. Motor is leaking oil from over working And pulling 8 amps when max rated at 12. Indicating Motor has Indefinite wear and could fail in future. Recommend replacing blower motor to extend life of system. Heat exchanger has heat impingement at this time no cracks found. Found igniter really low on rang and could fail in future. Safety flames sensor is Oxidized and has burnt spots from self wear over past years of operation. Could fail due to condition it’s currently in. Recommend replacing flame sensor and igniter to prevent heat not operating properly. Evaporator coil good

Jose C.

Jose C. Job Checkin

Include bubble wrap closet walls and sheet metal platform skin.

Luis M.

Luis M. Job Checkin

Upon arrival performed maintenance. Outdoor system was opened up and washed out. Amperages on compressor are good. Refrigerant levels and temp splits are very good. Subcool and superheat in range. Indoor moto lesking oil.customer has home warranties. System is 2 years old. Dusted off and blew out all dust from electrical components. Circuit board good. Secondary motor control good. Primary motor control good. Customer replaced capacitor. 20x25x1 filter was replaced. System was reset tested and fully functional upon departure.

David R.

David R. Job Checkin

Estimate for system replacement in Aliso Viejo

Brian H.

Brian H. Job Checkin

Airconditioning service in Aliso Viejo

Michael P.

Michael P. Job Checkin

Total system furnace tune up and maintenance in Laguna Woods.