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Jimmy G.

Jimmy G.

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Arrived on site to diagnose 2 no cooling 2017 unit. Client stated units are new as home. He has not gotten them serviced since. He stated downstairs is not cooling and upstairs unit make a loud squeaking noise at time. Had him cycled both and upstairs ran. Downstairs compressor was not on. Inspected electrical compartment and components. Found secondary motor control on both unit to be bad. Downstairs was bad on compressor. Upstairs was bad on fan side and fan would not turn on at time. Compressor was not running at all and did not produce cold air. Put in new one to test found both operational and cooling now. Both Staters are good. Fan motor are good unable to tell if they were leaking as client put wd40 on. But are in range just working hard due to unit being dirty and not maintenance in the past 5 years. Found pressure okay but look like both units are running hard. Could be airflow restriction or just unit just working hard as pressure seem okay just bit off. Units are both now c