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Luis M.

Luis M.

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Upon arrival performed maintenance on 2 hvac system. Refrigerant levels are in range and cooling. Compressor amperages running are about 50% less then max amps. Hardstart kits can keep amperages on compressor low. Secondary motor controls are beginning to get weak. This can cause problems by not kicking on motors or compressors. Found duct to be disconnected, tried to put back in but duct sealant is tough. Blower wheels are dirty and need some cleanings, client has not replaced filter since last year. Condenser fan motors are running at max amps, this can cause motors to burn out or cause secondary control to give out. Refrigerant lines are not fully covered with insulation. Client will speak to husband about repairs or replacement. Replaced all filters that client provided. 1. Condenser fan motors running at max amps 2. Secondary motor control low 3. Dirty blower wheel 4. Damaged insulation on refrigerant lines Systems are operational upon departure.