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Daniel T.

Daniel T. Job Checkin

Performed heating and cooling maintenance on a 2019 ACPro Gas furnace and Bryant AC. Heating sensors and switches were cleaned and tested. Filter was changed today. Heating temperature rise is I. Range. Heating components and controls are in range. Outdoor unit was deep cleaned. Components and controls were measured and recorded. A corrosion inhibitor was installed today. System is operational at end of appointment.

Jorge C.

Jorge C. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to perform diagnostic on 5 year old Day N Night unit. Homeowner had the system replaced 5 years ago but can no longer get a hold of the company that installed it. He replaced his older system and also the lineset running underground because he would always have to recharge the old system until they located the leak in the lineset. Now his new system started to have trouble cooling down the home a couple weeks ago. Cycled System for cooling. Unit kicked on normally and started operating. Gauged up to system to check refrigerant pressures. Let system run for a while to get heat load. System does have a refrigerant charge, but it is definitely low on refrigerant which is causing the unit to not cool the home down. System has developed a refrigerant leak in either the indoor or outdoor coil, or the lineset. Went over findings and recommendations with homeowner, as well as possible future repairs associated with a leak once it is located. Homeowner wants to hold off on any r

Luis M.

Luis M. Job Checkin

Upon arrival performed maintenance on air conditioning system x2. Condenser fan motor on 5 ton system is over amping. Compressor Amperages are beginning to get close to max amps. Refrigerant levels are in range, filters are completely dirty, did not have any replacements . Tested primary and secondary motor controls are both in range . Washed outdoor coils and inside of condenser. Indoor blower wheels are beginning to collect dust levels. System does not have distribution boxes, return ducts are tapped into side of furnace. Dusted off all electrical connections. Systems do not have condensate saftey switches on coil to prevent any water damages. Ducting is sealed properly and strapped up correctly. Systems are working and cooling, running inefficient, systems at aged up pretty well. Standard filtration on systems. Client did not have time to go over systems has zoom meetings. Will call to go over systems.

Luis M.

Luis M. Job Checkin

Upon arrival performed diagnostic. Found I comfort thermostat to be bad. S 30 is on back order, comfort sync is next up. Client would love to speak to his wife about it. Thermostat needs to be replaced. Thermostat keeps going on and off. Outdoor system needs maintenance extremely bad coils are very dirty.

Michael P.

Michael P. Job Checkin

Removed panel to confirm timer on the system for the condenser

Luke H.

Luke H. Job Checkin

Performed routine fall maintenance on 2 payne furnaces in newport beach

David R.

David R. Job Checkin

Armstrong Air furnace and air conditioner maintenance

Brian H.

Brian H. Job Checkin

A.c. coil clean in Newport beach

David R.

David R. Job Checkin

Carrier complete system tune up.

Brian  C.

Brian C. Job Checkin

Estimate add a/c