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Luis M.

Luis M.

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Upon arrival performed maintenance. Inducer motors are close to factory specified max amp draws. Indoor motors are still leaking oil. Secondary motor controls are low and out of range. Flame sensors have a lot of corrosion does not clean off. Circuit boards have burn marks on terminals. Filtration is 1 inch filters, only filters about 30 percent. Systems need extensive cleanings. Distribution box is made from insulation, over time can deteriorate. Replaced both filters. Heat exchangers have a lot of heat marks, heat marks are signs of weak metals and metals that get to hot, did not identify any damages itself or broken stamps. Gas valve and shut off in working order. Heating order of operations good. Cycled heating system on and off. Cleaned and adjusted burners. 1. Blower wheels dirty 2. Indoor motors leaking oil 3. Secondary motor controls out of range 4. Circuit boards have burnt terminals 5. Systems have no water float switch 6. Heat exchangers have heat impingement 7. No s