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Great service

Appreciate the attention to detail and kindness of everyone on the team.

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Great Service

Tyler was outstanding. Thorough, courteous, knowledgable

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Very high quality maintenance. Honest and reasonable.

Great service. Tech showed up on time. Clear and efficient dispatcher. Worked efficiently and professionally, covered shoes, immaculate, fixed HVAC filter mount issue - no charge, honest evaluation of heating and AC systems. Offered recommendations. No upcharges. Good attitude.

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Tony R.

Tony R. Job Checkin

We came out to perform diagnostics and maintenance on a newer unit which included taking voltage and amperage readings of the motor, testing compressor contacts, checking and cleaning the thermostat, inspecting the existing air filter and changing it, and a thorough safety check. Regular maintenance ensures optimal comfort for our clients.

Stevan C.

Stevan C. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to preform a 20 point maintenance inspection on a ac pro furnace. Upon arrival unit was running, took a inducer amp draw inducer motor was in range. Checked the flue vent and gas piping for leaks, there were no leaks detected at the time of maintenance. Checked all safety and limit switches, they were functional and operational. Took a static pressure test static was a little high but when I changed filter it went back down to normal ranges. Condensate drains were flushed and drained at the time of maintenance. Recommend to the customer about surge protection, hey wanted to talk that over and might consider it next visit. Unit was operating upon departure.

Michael P.

Michael P. Job Checkin

Water removal and condensate connection repair.

Jorge C.

Jorge C. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to perform diagnostic on 2004 Goodman unit. Homeowner states that water is leaking from unit onto ceiling. This has been ongoing for about 2 weeks now, and portion of ceiling has actually caved in. Went into attic to evaluate the problem. System appears to have been having a draining issue for some time now. Both from corners of coil casing are completely rusted out and water is seeping through them. One side has completely given out and both water and air is escaping from their into the attic. Drain pan then fills up and water over flows onto the ceiling. Water has been sitting in coil for a good while for it to have rusted out as bad as it is. Immediate repairs would include clearing of primary drain line, and trying to reseal rusted areas of coil. Due to liability ,this is not something that we would recommend or perform repairs on as it s not the right way to do it. Also unsure if there are other problems within unit operations since I cannot test anything unit drai

Madison H.

Madison H. Job Checkin

Arrived on site and performed combo tune up on system. Tested heat and checked for safety issues. All checked out filter is restricted and should be replaced. Advised client to get them online. Cleaned condenser coil and whiled down system with uv protective coating. Cleaned off electrical terminals. Refrigerant charge and temp split are good. System is operational upon departure. Found newly installed Samsung mini split low on charge. Inspection found leak is most likely near head unit. Lineset cover is not installed the best. Placement of unit could be more centered for better efficiency. Client is having installing company come out to warranty work.

Darren F.

Darren F. Job Checkin

Post job walk

Michael P.

Michael P. Job Checkin

Installed heat strips, tested equipment and programmed control.

Freddy V.

Freddy V. Job Checkin

This system qualifies for 3 promotional financing offers: 3 months no interest no payments into a reduced 6.99% apr at 233 a month or 18 months no interest with payment or 12 months no interest no payments Total job would be 23059 after all rebates and incentives. $3000 of this project will be paid by cal tech California. 20059 could be paid by cash, check, cc or special financing shown above

Jose C.

Jose C. Job Checkin

Collected a deposit of 3391 by check #107. Balance due paid with financing for 25000.

Jimmy P.

Jimmy P. Job Checkin

Performed furnace and AC diagnostic on 2003 system. Upon my diagnostic I found that the AC was operational although had a weak capacitor. And then proceeded on my furnace diagnostic and found out he secondary motor control for the fan had gone out due to the fan over amping. Further investigation show that pulling the blower wheel from the compartment I found that the motor had leaked oil and was covered in debris. Recommended blower wheel cleaning and motor replacement. System is fully operational upon departure heating and cooling and customer has signed up with maintenance plan for two times a year

Tyler H.

Tyler H. Job Checkin

Doing a single system air conditioner and heater maintenance out here in North Tustin

Brian H.

Brian H. Job Checkin

Aiemr conditioning service in Santa Ana

Travis  R.

Travis R. Job Checkin

Performing routine maintenance on American standard air conditioning system in Tustin