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Jorge C.

Jorge C.

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Arrived on site to perform diagnostic on 2004 Goodman unit. Homeowner states that water is leaking from unit onto ceiling. This has been ongoing for about 2 weeks now, and portion of ceiling has actually caved in. Went into attic to evaluate the problem. System appears to have been having a draining issue for some time now. Both from corners of coil casing are completely rusted out and water is seeping through them. One side has completely given out and both water and air is escaping from their into the attic. Drain pan then fills up and water over flows onto the ceiling. Water has been sitting in coil for a good while for it to have rusted out as bad as it is. Immediate repairs would include clearing of primary drain line, and trying to reseal rusted areas of coil. Due to liability ,this is not something that we would recommend or perform repairs on as it s not the right way to do it. Also unsure if there are other problems within unit operations since I cannot test anything unit drai