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Evan V.

Evan V.

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Arrived on site to the Uli residence for a no heating warranty. After turning on the thermostat to the heating option the unit did not turn on, so I went ahead and turned the cooling side on to confirm the unit would still start. After confirming the unit does turn on I put it back to heat, and started checking the voltage coming through the wires. On the thermostat R to W had 30 V but for the board it was only receiving 5 V. I checked the transformer to confirm that it was getting the correct 24 V and it was, so after confirming there is power still coming to the unit my next assumption was to jump the thermostat out R to W to see if that made it work. After doing so, the system did turn on and began to heat. So that led me to believe it was a bad thermostat. After changing the thermostat out with a new Emerson thermostat the unit was fully operational and heating. Both heating and cooling we’re fully operational on time of departure.