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Jimmy G.

Jimmy G.

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Arrived on site to perform spring tune up on a 2 year old unit. Client stated no issues and is all good. Condenser located in back yard and furnace located in attic. Washed condenser coil inside and out. Primary starter is good. Secondary motor control is good. Fan motor is free of oil and in range of amps. Checked start up amps and run amps and both are good. Checked pressure and unit is cooling hole good and holding charge. Unit hold R-410A. Found unit with out protection and recommended adding to protect systems from electrical surges and power outages that can damage or even short out systems and components. Filter was good at this time. Cycled unit and went over all findings. Client is aware and did hold off stated to follow up on a couple days and he would let me know. Advised I would follow up. Cycled unit and is operational and cooling. Upon departure.