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Jimmy G.

Jimmy G.

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Arrived on site to diagnose a leaking unit. Arrived on site and client that the unit is leaking and claims to be green refrigerant on the floor of condenser. Upon arrival spoke over what he saw and stated unknown what the green was but advised it have just been the condensation leaking from suction line. Client stated he saw green on floor at this time but advised him I did not see any green stain on floor. Had him cycled unit for it to run to see if it was just condition. Inspected electrical l. Stater is Burt. Up from operation. Fan motor is leaking from age and over working in past. Second motor control is border line and going bad. Start up on compressor are high due to age and inefficiency. Recommend compressor booster kit. Run amps are high as well from unit working hard and bad condition. Compressor make a very loud noise and while it’s running but it’s due to compressor on borrowed time. Checked pressure and found pressure to be steady as low side was at 70. Unit had bee