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Jimmy P.

Jimmy P.

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Performed system diagnostic on 2012 Goodman. Upon my diagnostic homeowner stated that water is been leaking from under the system since Sunday. Advise me that a plumber that came out and said there was no issue with the water heater in that it Has to be related to the HVAC system. Further into my diagnostic I inspected the system and found that water was filling up in the return platform. Tested the primary condensate line is draining out properly and primed it with four bottles of water, No issue with draining or signs of flooding. There is also a secondary float switch in the case of the flood ever does occur this would actually trip the system and turn it off before water ever has a possibility of leaking out. Did further investigation and this may be due to a possible slab leak from the plumbing, Found out the water meter out front is continuously moving even though there’s no running water in the home. Notified homeowner and he is having a plumber come out. Upon departure system