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Jimmy P.

Jimmy P.

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Performed AC diagnostic on 2017 Rheem system. Upon my diagnostic client stated that there is no airflow inside the house. it is no longer Cooling They just moved in last December. I found multiple points concerns that were just with the homeowners 1. System Was Significantly low on R410a refrigerant charge. This is due to a leak somewhere within the refrigeration cycled of system 2. Duel secondary motor control has become weak on hermetic side terminals due to the compressor running with no refrigerant as long as it did 3. Compressor is beginning to pull High amps on start up. Recommend compressor saver kit is added to reduce wear and tear and amperage on start up 4. Indoor Blower motor has significant oil leakage coming off of bearing and can lead to a locking up or overheating 5. 1 inch filter needs to be swapped everyone to three months to maximize airflow in Home 6. Injecting leak dye/sealant into the system to help pinpoint and locate breach in system to prevent any further refrig