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Jimmy P.

Jimmy P.

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Arrived on site to perform Furnace Diagnostic On 1998 Coleman furnace. Upon arrival Maria consistently stated that the thermostat has something wrong with it Because temperature will not rise in the house. She also expressed that her energy bill is a lot more expensive than usual due to the indoor blower consistently running in the attic. Began troubleshooting and immediately Concluded that thermostat has nothing to do with the issues that are occurring with the furnace. Found the units have not been maintained in any shape or form. Indoor blower motor is immediately turning on when calling for heat due to the high limit switch staying open. This is a safety mechanism to prevent a house fire due to the furnace exceeding design temperatures in the heat exchanger. The second contributing factor to why the system is not working properly is because the indoor blower motor has lost a massive amount of oil from its bearing and is resulting in the motor not moving as much air capacity across