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Jimmy P.

Jimmy P.

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Arrived on site to discuss filter situation with current system. Upon arrival client stated that she had been recently doing maintenance with a different company and is very unsatisfied and frustrated with the way they’ve been doing things and how unprofessional they are. She’s at a point where she just really want a new company that truly cares about how they feel and is actually involved in taking care of the system and not trying to just sell the new stuff every visit. Client was mainly concerned about the dust buildup accumulating on the surfaces inside of the home. Confirm that there is a Merv 11 5 inch filter rack up in the attic so there would be no need for a 1 inch filter in the return vent in the ceiling. Explained that an extra filter will cause an air restriction which will result in the system working a lot harder and can cause damage. Client understands and will be upgrading to a Merv 16 next time filters do to be swapped out. She’s also looking into getting the lig