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Very good, as expected.


Very knowageable, nice and professional. All things I expected based on the reviews. But somtimes you just never know, so I was very pleased that the reviews matched the actual performance. I was a bit surprised by the cost... granted I'm not a HVAC tech so I really had no idea, and we all go into a service call with a preconceived idea of what were in for. I have a condensation pump replaced. My AC/Furnace is a closed unit and my house is on a slab so the condensation must be pumped up through a tube to the attic, and then out to drain outside. I was surprised when the pump, about the size of a shoe box and plastic, came in around $750.00. then labor cost and the supply pcv from the ac to the box was replaced as well. He also opened the old pump box for me as I requested and could see very clearly that it was a complete mess, looked like a jelly fish had exploded in there. Totally disgusting, but could plainly see why it failed, and the critical need and importance of the unit.... It could have lasted longer if I had known to have it serviced and cleaned annually. Made sense based on what I saw. So I will be doing that in the future for sure. I also bought the extended warrantee as insurance and saved a bit on the overall bill with that. All in it was $1,000.00. Excellent service, same day visit, very informed. clean, respectful, completely satisfied. well..except maybe for the cost, but it is what it is! lol... overall, would use again, Even knowing what I know now. thanks Jimmy.