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Jorge C.

Jorge C.

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Performed AC maintenance on 11 year old unit. Cycled system for cooling. Checked indoor unit electrical and system components. Refrigerant levels are in range and system is producing proper temperature split and cooling correctly. Checked outdoor unit electrical and system components. Pulled condenser motor and thoroughly washed out condenser coil inside and out. Ran system through point inspection. Concerns are as follows: 1. Indoor condensation lines do not have condensation switches to prevent water over flowing. Homeowner mentioned that her secondary line had been dripping but a couple days ago they cleared the lines from the master bedroom, which is where the drain lines are routed. I always performed a basic drain line clear up in attic, but problem could be a little more severe and would need a drain line cut and clear. 2. Furnace is sitting on wooden 2x4’s. 3. Outdoor unit primary motor control is starting to burn and pit up at the contact point. 4. Secondary motor control f