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Great service, straight up guy, very clear on what is planned

Brian did a great job of going over the plan and offering the best value project for my budget and goals.

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Jimmy G.

Jimmy G. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to perform spring tune up on a 1996 lennox unit. Condenser located in back yard. Furnace and Evaporator coil located in attic. Client state upstairs isn’t getting as good airflow as down stairs. Washed condenser inside and out. Unit really dirty. Primary is burnt up and should be replaced. Secondary motor control is good but is boarder line almost out of range on compressor side. Fan motor is bad and over amping and advised could fail at any time. Compressor start up are high but in range. Run amps are almost at max amps pulling 24 and max rated at 26.9. Advised compressor is on borrowed time and could fail due to age and working hard. Pressure are good and cooling home at 20 degrees. Filter were dirty and replaced. Blower blower unable to access and could be dirty due to filters dirty. Motor pulling high amps. Evaporator coil is dirty and debris. Drain lines due have dust and debris and no overflow safety switches. Overall found system is restricted of airflow and i

Michael P.

Michael P. Job Checkin

Tested heating gas pressure. Removed the second stage from the thermostat settings. Found disconnected supply duct supplying the upstairs bedroom and bathroom near the thermostat. Found and removed large blockage in the master bedroom supply grille. Cleaned the filter.

Darren F.

Darren F. Job Checkin

Collected a $600 deposit. Balance due will be 5501

Jimmy P.

Jimmy P. Job Checkin

Performed Furnace diagnostic on 1990 Rheem system. Upon my diagnostic system was experiencing intermittent behavior. 1. Found that circuitboard had Multiple burns and heat marks this could be an indication of a faulty board although cannot confirm it until new board is installed 2. Indoor blower motor has leaking oil from bearing and is over amp due to this, This can lead to the motor either locking up or overheating 3. Secondary motor control is becoming weak due to high amperage of fan 4. Condensate line are plumbed in correctly with the wrong material. 5. Duct work is not sealed correctly, This can cause lower Airflow and air Leakage 6. Static pressure was 0.90, Static pressure is the airflow of the system due to this being so high this Can cause complications with the heat exchanger overheating and Began to form cracks Recommendations- 1. After market Circuit board Is installed to solve intermittent behavior issue 2. Indoor blower motor is replaced due to oil leakage in high ampe

Brian H.

Brian H. Job Checkin

A.c. maintenance in Santa Margarita

David R.

David R. Job Checkin

Installing new ac fan blade and fan motor on lennox ac unit

Tyler H.

Tyler H. Job Checkin

Doing an air conditioner maintenance in Rancho Santa Margarita

Brian  C.

Brian C. Job Checkin

Estimate on system