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Travis R.

Travis R. Job Checkin

Performed an AC maintenance on a 2018 Goodman system. System was chemically bathed and thoroughly washed. Pressure’s and temperature splits where checked and are both in range. All electrical components where checked and are in range. Filters where not changed out this visit. System was fully operational on time of departure.

Jimmy G.

Jimmy G. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to perform fall tune up on a 4 year old unit. Unit located in laundry room closet. Client stated no issues. Cycled unit and was operational. Filter were dirty due to area they live at. Dirt is always going to be in home. Advised need to be replacing filter as needed to keep dirt out of unit. Blower motor is good and in range with slight oil but okay. Wheel is dirty from dirt that has entered unit. Secondary secondary motor control is in range and good. Good temperature rise and igniter was good. Drain lines were draining. No access. Advised no protection on unit and recommended adding surge protectors to unit to protect from electrical surges and power outages that can damage damage or even short out systems and components. Cycled unit and went over all findings and how unit is running. Client is aware was okay on recommendations and unit was operational upon departure. He would be ordering his own filter and replace when he dose.

Michael P.

Michael P. Job Checkin

Tested cooling system for operation. Recorded temperatures and electrical values. Tested controls. Collected equipment model and filter sizes. Verified refrigerant charge. Cleaned outdoor condenser coils.

Jimmy G.

Jimmy G. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to diagnose no cooling 2017 carrier unit client stated unit is working just not cooling and blowing warm air. Upon arrival client cycled unit and found compressor not on. Inspected electrical compartment and found secon Was completely bad for compressor. Needed replacement. Replaced to replace napery unit. Primary stater is good. Fan motor has oil to be leaking. Amp draws is pulling 1.8 and max rated at 1.4 advised is over amping but would like to get system maintenance and cleaned out before dying motor should be replaced just advised in case dose fail from over amping. Compressor start up are I. Range but recommended a compressor booster kit to help prolong life of compressor. Run amps are pulling 11 and max rated at 15. Advised working hard cause unit is dirty. Checked pressure and are stable and good and unit is cooling home. Found to what looked like oil under condenser and in the condenser coil showed client and advised pressure are okay now and to not let dog

Jorge C.

Jorge C. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to perform diagnostic on 3 year old Goodman system. Homeowner states that unit is blowing, but the air is not cold coming out the vents. Cycled system for cooling. Indoor unit kicks on, outdoor condenser fan motor kicks on, but compressor is not turning over. Checked refrigerant levels and unit is not on low pressure lock out. Found a dead secondary motor control for compressor, which is not allowing compressor to kick on. Also found primary motor control extremely burnt and pitted at contact points. Went over findings and recommendations with homeowner. With approval replaced primary and secondary motor control. Signed homeowner up on monthly maintenance program, performed AC maintenance today due to condenser being extremely dirty. Thoroughly washed outdoor condenser coil inside and out. Cycled system, system is fully operational and cooling upon departure.