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Jose C.

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Jorge C.

Jorge C. Job Checkin

Performed diagnostic on 2005 system. Homeowner states that system struggled to cool down the home a couple days ago. It was a rental for 2 years, they are now planning on moving back into the home. Cycled system for cooling. System kicked on normally and started cooling. Checked outdoor unit electrical and system components. Amp draws on compressor are fairly high, and it is not that hot outside currently. Condenser fan motor is fairly close to going over allowed maximum capacity and has started to leak out oil. Secondary motor control is in range and primary motor control is in good condition. Could not check ducting as there is no attic space. System is producing proper temperature split and is cooling correctly. At this time there is not really any repair that the system needs. It is cooling as it should at this time due to it being fresh outside, but based on electrical amp draw compressor is more than likely overheating and shutting off on a hot day, and unit is struggling to keep

Jimmy P.

Jimmy P. Job Checkin

Performed AC maintenance on two systems 2004 condensing units. Upon my diagnostic there were a few points of concerns that were addressed. 3 ton Lennox Downstairs (NON OPERATIONAL)- 1. Found that dual run motor control was completely puffed up and blown on both hermetic and fan side. Compressor was pulling too much power. 2. Condenser fan motor leaking oil from bearing resulting in higher amperage Pull 3. Compressor failing on lock rotor start up 4. Compressor pulling incredibly high amps at 14. This is been due to wear and tear in age of system. 5. Condenser coil appears to have coil rot occurring this is a huge red flag for refrigerant leaks 6. System contains R22 Freon which was completely phased out January 1, 2020. 7. Pressures appear to be slightly low 3.5 ton Lennox upstairs (OPERATIONAL)- 1. Condenser fan motor leaking oil from bearing and causing higher amperage pull in friction 2. Dual motor control becoming weak on fan side due to high amperage Consumption. 3. High voltag