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Brent L.

Brent L. Job Checkin

-CFM output was increased on thermostat, air flow is much stronger -Also, there was a 1” filter in place while there is a 5” merv 16 filter, which was hindering air flow as well -Surge protection was installed at the condenser as there is a lot of black outs and brown outs in the area

Madison H.

Madison H. Job Checkin

Upon arrival system was not operational. System is 21 years old and has had a couple repairs done to it. Testing found the capacitor had failed. Inspected fuses and they are were hot to the touch. Installed new capacitor and tested motor amps. They were almost at max and the compressor is in danger of failing. Went into attic and inspected indoor unit. System is not on a proper platform and is just resting on 2x4s. There is no emergency drain pan installed and the condensate lines are tied together. System is a 5 ton unit running on 3 tons of ducting. Extremely inefficient. Made repair options and talked about replacement. Clients went forward with repairs. Clients are aware of the condition of the unit and that this isn’t a long term repair. This repair is to buy more time before either replacing the compressor or system. Clients moved forward with maintenance program. Unit is operational upon departure.

Luis M.

Luis M. Job Checkin

Upon arrival performed maintenance on 3 year old xc25. System is running very efficient. Need some more air flow adjustments to ducting. Install to come out. Recommended adding surge protectors for high Efficiency system. Circuit boards & electrical connections in range. Refrigerant and temp splits good. Washed out coils completely. Dusted off electrical. Electrical fuses in range. Thermostat in working order. System is operational.

Jorge C.

Jorge C. Job Checkin

Clean and Adjust Burners Check Combustion Air for Proper Venting Examine the Heat Exchanger for Damage / Corrosion Test Furnace Safety Controls Inspect Gas Piping Tighten Electrical Connections Measure the Voltage and Amperage Flush the Condensate Drains Measure Tempurature Difference between Supply and Return Air Vacuum Furnace Return Grille Adjust Gas Pressure & Pilot Clean in-place Blower Compartment Inspect Blower Wheel for Proper Balance Check the System's Static Pressures to Ensure Proper Airflow Inspect Duct Connections for Air Leaks / Sizing / Insulation Monitor Air Purification System Check all System Safety and Limit Switches Clean Flame Sensor Inspect Carbon Monoxide Detectors Check Thermostat for Proper Operation / Calibration

Daniel T.

Daniel T. Job Checkin

Performed maintenance on a Lennox XC25. Systems cooling split is 20 degrees. Compressor and fan amps are in range. Outdoor coils were dirty, they were chemically cleaned today. Condensate lines are clear and free from debris. System is equipped with a merv rack. Filter was very dirty and also changed out with a new filter today as well. Duct runs are free from obstruction and sealed. System is not protected. System was cycled before departure

Tyler H.

Tyler H. Job Checkin

Cooling Maintenance: (1) Condenser fan motor is operating within manufacturer specifications. (2) Compressor is operating within manufacturer specifications. (3) The contactor is okay. (4) The system doesn't contain a battery cap. (5) Refrigerant levels are good. Refrigerant type is R-410a. (6) The outdoor coil was cleaned. (7) The internal service compartment was cleaned. (8) Cleaned out the condensate line. (9) Found no damaged wires. (10) Tightened the wire connections. (11) The filter was replaced. Heating Maintenance: (1) The blower motor is operating within manufacturer specifications. (2) The blower housing is clean. (3) Filter was replaced. (4) The condensate lines are sealed and cleared. (5) Wires are in good condition. (6) Tightened eletrical fittings. (7) Gas line is secure. (8) Fire safety devices are operating properly. (9) Combustion motor is operating within manufacturer specifications. (10) The exhaust vent is clear of debris. (11) Return and supply plenums are seale

Luke H.

Luke H. Job Checkin

Performed Lowe’s AC and FAU tune up in Santee