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Joseph K.

Joseph K.

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I arrived for a new customer no cool call on 3 systems. I first spoke with the homeowner and confirmed the diagnostic fee of $89 per unit. The homeowner agreed to this and she showed me the location of all 3 systems indoor and outdoor. She also showed me all the papers that she had from her home warranty company and the air conditioning companies that they hired to come charge the system. I explained that we do not work for any home warranty company’s and we collect for what we agree to after I diagnose the system and see exactly what the problems are. She agreed to this. As I was inspecting the systems the homeowner contacted the shop and we changed the X3 diagnostic fee to one diagnostic fee of $89.00. We agreed to still inspect all 3 systems. As I was finishing up with the two systems that were beside each other which is the 3 ton for upstairs and the 2 ton for downstairs the homeowner approached me and demanded for me to just add refrigerant to both systems. I tried to explain that