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Taylor P.

Taylor P.

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Arrived at the customers house to preform silver club maintenance, was greeted by the customer and was shown where the furnace and thermostat were located. Customer has not ran the heat this year so this maintenance was the first time heat had been fired this season. While preforming the maintenance I checked all aspects of the heating system. Checked blower and induce draft motor for proper voltage, amps, and operation. Also checked gas valve and pressure, cleaned flame sensor, igniter for proper operation and ohms. Checked all safeties and pressure switch. Checked evaporator coil to make sure it was clean. Also checked temperatures and did a carbon monoxide check. During maintenance I discovered the blower motor run capacitor (20mfd) was out of tolerance and recommended to the customer to replace, and with the customer’s permission I went ahead and replaced the run cap with a new 20 mfd capacitor. After replacing the run capacitor the system is running great and no further repairs