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wade@totalairinc.net Job Checkin

Complete evaporator pull and clean. Remove evaporator coil from air handler. Wash coil off with water, apply cleaning products to the coil and rinse one final time. I gave the coil 15 minutes to dry in the sun before re installing. Re install coil in to place. Pressure test system with nitrogen to ensure no leaks. Vacuum the line set down to 500 microns to ensure no moisture or non condensable material left in the line set. Cycle and inspect equipment. Unit is operational.


matt@totalairinc.net Job Checkin

Bad capacitor preventing compressor startup. Repair covered with parts and labor warranty. System cooling properly again.

Kyle C.

Kyle C. Job Checkin

Performed routine maintenance on 3 complete split systems checked amps volts pressures coils caps motors temps drain lines etc. The 2017 Goodman upstairs system is operating to manufacture specs at this time. The two downstairs (2005,2006) Gibson condensers are starting to show there age both have weak capacitors (35/5,45/5uf). The 2.5 ton has a Contactor about to pit. Recommend Repairs to prevent future breakdowns or system replacement

Justin A.

Justin A. Job Checkin

Performed complete tune up on split system. Checked all electrical components and inspected pressures and changed filter and cleared drain line. Recommended replacing disconnect and customer already has electrician coming out to replace. Customer renewed membership. Left system in good working order.

Sergey G.

Sergey G. Job Checkin

Uppon my arrival I found the water had come up over our drain lines outside. The condenser sits about 5 ft off the ground and water never got that high. I cleared both drains and turned on both heads and cycled the system. Upstairs blower wheel is dirty and needs to be cleaned. I also recommend that we clean the blower and maybe install the UV strip to keep it clean. I put together an estimate ffg or the customer to make a decision. I entered the equipment information to service titan and left the systems in proper working condition. Office please call the customer to find out when we can come clean the blower assembly and if they want to sighn up for maintenance. They have two other systems here as well.

Bryan F.

Bryan F. Job Checkin

Completed system tune up. Checked pressures, volts, amps and all electrical components. Cleared drain. Replaced media filter and checked evaporator coil. Found microbial growth in the air handler. Recommended and installed economy uv system. Left system in good working order.


rigo@totalairinc.net Job Checkin

Completed the tune up. Found system with bacterial growth inside the ah. Inspected and cycled the system. Both heat are working properly. Checked electrical components, and flushed drain line. Left the system working properly for now.