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Jimmy P.

Jimmy P.

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Arrived on site to perform AC diagnostic on 2006 carrier condensing unit. Upon arrival Juan stated that they moved into the home in 2017 and They have never done service or maintenance. just recently they noticed a buzzing at the outdoor condensing unit. Begin diagnostic and found that due secondary motor control was defective on fan side and compressor side terminal. These component Typically fails for an underlying reason. Installed new component and compressors was on thermal lock out due to overheating. Condenser fan motor was over amping using a total of 1.6 A. Starter was burnt and pitted on contact points. Lastly system was slightly low on R22 refrigerant charge possibly it may have always been low from installation or has a small microleakage within the system. Presented full diagnostic report with Juan and he is aware of all current and possible failure points within the 2006 unit. At this time they do not plan on living in the house too much longer and would like to just do a