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Jimmy P.

Jimmy P.

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Performed AC maintenance Performed AC maintenance on 2005 Lennox Condenser. Upon my maintenance there are multiple points of concerns that were addressed with Charles over the phone. 1. System Contained R 22 refrigerant which was completely based on January 1, 2020 2. Started showed signs of pitting on contact points due to high amperage pull overtime this component acts like the brakes for the system. If this component fails, system may not turn on or shut down. 3. Condenser fan motor showed signs of oil leak is coming from bearing and can lead to it potentially locking up or overheating 4. Compressor was Exceeding manufacture specification Amperage range when measured at this moment. A total of 18 amps were being used exceeding the limit of what it designed for. 5. Power disconnect Was not supplied with fuses or surge protection Discussed for conditioner system with Charles any understands how the system is running at this moment and would like not to do anything. Client declines Re