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George did a good job assessing the problem and installing the new part. Part was exceptionally expensive for such a small device.

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for pauma valley, ca

Luis M.

Luis M. Job Checkin

Upon arrival performed diagnostic. Found system to be non operational. Customer said she had friend try to diagnose system. Left wires unplugged and breaker off. Checked fuses they were bad replaced and turned power on, system did an electrical spark. Immediately turned system off. Found 4 wire not plugged in. There is no schematic to where wires go. System is very old, no model or serial numbers. Home owner said she wants to go through her family before she makes decision of replacing system. Would need a schematic to get wires back. Or asked home owner to ask friend where they go. System is non operational upon departure. Please send home owner hard copy.

Jose C.

Jose C. Job Checkin

Installation of Variable Speed Gold 4 Ton Package, including Pure Air Purification.

Jorge C.

Jorge C. Job Checkin

Performed AC diagnostic on system. System is original to the home and is 1997. System is a single stage unit zoned off into 2 zones. Says left side unit is not cooling the house down. Cycled system for cooling. Outdoor unit kicks on extremely loud. Indoor unit is not responsive and is not blowing any air. Checked indoor unit electrical and system components. System is recieving proper low voltage command and high voltage power, but indoor fan is not turning on. Found a dead secondary motor control that was not letting indoor fan motor turn on. Informed homeowner of findings, and put in a temporary secondary motor control to further evaluate system. Unit kicked on and started cooling. Refrigerant levels are in range and system is producing proper temperature split. Outdoor compressor is pulling in high amperage. Condenser fan motor is within range. Primary motor control has slight burning and pitting at contact points. Secondary motor control is within range. System is older and ineffic

Miguel P.

Miguel P. Job Checkin

Installation of Variable Speed 5 Ton Gold Package, PCO Upgrade

Michael P.

Michael P. Job Checkin

Inspected the dining / family room system for faults. Found defective starter at the outdoor condenser, replaced and tested system. Monitored amp draws and supply voltages. Measured temperature splits. Recorded model and serial numbers for all systems and filter sizes. Inspected the furnaces and blowers, inspected the ducting.