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Jorge C.

Jorge C.

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Arrived on site to perform maintenance on carrier system. System Has never had a maintenance done, it cools but she feels like it takes long sometimes. Cycled system for cooling. Checked indoor and outdoor unit electrical and system components. Unit was not providing proper temperature split initially. Found a super restricted filter, had not been changed out for a couple years. Replaced filter. Also upon inspecting supply registers every single supply register had a cloth filter looking thing inside of them that was completely cutting off air flow and causing refrigerant pressures to be out of wack and system not producing proper temperature. Homeowner had hip surgery and can’t go up a ladder, did not know that the registers were covered. Opened every supply register and removed cover from inside of them. System now has extremely better airflow throughout the whole home. Refrigerant pressures dropped down to normal and system is now producing proper temperature split and cooling ef