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Andy E.

Andy E.

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Arrived to home. Customer said system has been blowing room temperature air. He cycled the system on and was, Showed me around and we noticed condensing unit wasn’t operating. Opened up the condensing unit primary motor control was engaged getting 24v from the thermostat, checked power coming in and was getting 8v. Not the 240 needed to power the system on, same at the disconnect. Checked breaker and was tripped. Customer said they got a power outage two weeks ago, have not cycled the system on since then. Says they get power outages regularly. Approved recommendation to install surge protection for both indoor and outdoor systems. And also for our membership plan. Received his 20% on repairs or upgrades. Hooked up gauges to check pressures and are within limit, checked compressor run amps and is within range. Cycled system off and on. System is operational upon departure.