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Jimmy P.

Jimmy P.

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Performed AC maintenance on 2005 Lennox Condenser. I noticed a few things on this maintenance as well and brought them up to Charles. 1. Duel secondary motor control has become weak on hermetic side terminal reading at 55 µF this should be at 60 2. High voltage distributor showed signs of pitting on contact points due to amperage pull overtime 3. Condenser fan motor had significant oil leak is coming from bearing 4. Refrigerant pressures were in range although did contain a phased out refrigerant called R22 5. Compressor amperage is Exceeding manufacture specifications pulling at an actual of 28 A when it is really only for 26 please put the system in the danger zone of locking out from overheating. 6. Disconnect also was not equipped with surge protection or fuses Discuss full condition of system with Charles and he has recently replaced parts within the last couple years and will do it again once other components begin to go out. Advised him did the amperage is wearing the red zone