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Jorge C.

Jorge C.

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Arrived on site to perform diagnostic on 20 year old carrier system. Tenant states that system is not cooling. The breaker tripped last night and he has not been able to reset it back on. I reset breaker off and flipped it back on. Cycled system for cooling. Unit came on and started cooling. Performed evaluation of system to see what had caused the breaker to trip. Primary motor control is burnt and pitted at contact points. Secondary motor control is within range for both compressor and fan motor. Compressor booster kit is still in range and operating. Refrigerant levels are in range and system is producing proper temperature split. Amp draws on compressor are very close to over amping. As the day goes on and it gets hotter outside, amp draw on compressor will also go up and can potentially trip the breaker again. This is due to systems old age and inefficiency. Performed attic inspection. System burner door is missing and no longer on the unit covering the heat components. The system