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Jimmy P.

Jimmy P.

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Performed AC maintenance on 2 system 2005 comfort maker Condensers. Upon my maintenance there were multiple points of concerns that were addressed with the homeowner. Downstairs condenser- 1. Outdoor condensing fan motor has significant oil leakage coming from bearing this could potentially lead to the motor locking up or overheating. This component is an essential part for removing heat 2. High-voltage distributor showed signs of pitting on contact points and if pitting worsens this can lead to the system not starting up or shutting off 3. System Contained R22 refrigerant which was completely phased out January 1, 2020. Upstairs condenser- 1. Condenser fan motor was also leaking a significant amount of oil from bearing 2. System also contained R22 refrigerant 3. High voltage distributor had about 75% putting on contact points 4. Compressor saver kit was reading at 227 µF which is the limit for this battery if this exceeds any higher the battery will become defective and no longer us