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Jimmy G.

Jimmy G.

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Arrived on site to diagnose a air flow issues on a 2019 good and system. 2019 Condenser in back yard. 2000 furnace and 2019 evaporator coil located in garage. Spoke to client about issue a a she stated she feel system is not producing enough air flow to master and would like to see what can be done to provide more air flow to master bed room. As well there is a noise being made when ever blower is operating. Found due to age of system and it’s condition blower assembly now has some play on assembly as it has creates a bit of vibration When operating. She cycled system on cooling. Both units operating. Inspect attic and duct. All good. Inspected furnace. Found filter dirty and in need of replacing. Recommend doing more frequently to reduce the amount of dirt entering system. found blower motor has been leaking oil in past as dirt and oil are building up. Blower wheel is heavily dirt from lack of filter change out. Creating high stress on blower motor and making it work harder due to