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Jorge C.

Jorge C.

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Arrived on site to perform diagnostic. Homeowner had called in stating that unit was not cooling. Upon arrival, homeowner states that system has been working without a problem since yesterday morning. On Friday they noticed that unit was not blowing as much air as it usually does, and also that it was as cold as it usually is. It ran all day and never got cold. They replaced the filter which was extremely dirty and still nothing. They turned the unit off all day Saturday and called us. Yesterday they kicked it on again since it was extremely hot and it has been working ever since but they would like for us to give it a look over. System was already cooling upon my arrival. Temperature split is within range. Checked outdoor unit electrical and components. Amp draws within range. Gauged up and verified proper refrigerant charge. Secondary motor control is within range. Checked inside unit electrical and components. System is cooling correctly and shows no concerns. It is very likely that