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Jimmy P.

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Performed Inspection/diagnostic of ductwork 2015 Payne furnace. Upon my diagnostic I came across a few points of concerns that were addressed. Duct work- 1. Duct work contained Asbestos. Duct Runs were completely made up of asbestos and contains no hard pipe. This is an extremely harmful material and must be removed So that harmful particles are not Absorbed into lungs. 2. Insulation was below 14 inches standard code of today. Signs of insulation shrinkage after so many years is present and studs are now visible with in attic. This can cause more heat loss in the house rather than retention Payne furnace- 1. No signs of overheating temperature rise 2. Static pressure was .60, Data plate is ready for .50. This is indication of airflow across heater Recommendations- 1. Asbestos is removed and new ductwork is Sized and sealed properly. 2. Insulation removed with sanitize and clean out of old insulation.