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Jimmy P.

Jimmy P.

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Performed a leak dye search on 2013 Aireflo condenser. Upon my search client stated that system has been cooling fine and hasn’t noticed any change yet. Started search at outdoor unit and found that the condenser coil had significant coil rot on the aluminum part of it. This was caused by the dogs urinating on it overtime Alice potentially make this a red flags on for a leak. On the outdoor unit found no leaks present and verified the refrigerant pressures were holding up as of this second. Proceeded to evaporator coil an attic to find that it had multiple leaks. Found that the 5 year warranty is no longer available for the evap coil. Coil will need to be replace to prevent any further leakage and refrigerant loss. Also performed AC maintenance as of now this is one of two visits. Supervisor will be contacting Xavier regarding his options. Upon departure leak was found and maintenance was done