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Superior Service

Jamie was very professional, courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, hardworking and thorough!! He reviewed and explained everything carefully and alerted us to maintenance items we might want to consider. We would love to have Jamie service our HVAC units again.

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Excellent service

The tech was extremely polite and informative! I had a good experience!

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Luis M.

Luis M. Job Checkin

Customer has a plumbing issue, has nothing to do with new install. Water coming out of copper piping under sink.

Victor V.

Victor V. Job Checkin

Also includes permits and hers testing Warranty: 10 yr parts 2 yr labor

Jimmy P.

Jimmy P. Job Checkin

Performed AC diagnostic on 13-year-old Goodman condensing unit. Upon my diagnostic I found that the systems R22 Refrigerant levels were very low this was the reason why the mid floor and top floor was not becoming cold. I was informed that the system was also charged up once in the past. There is a leak somewhere within the refrigeration cycle. After finding out that there was a leak present within the system I then found out that the compressor was failing under a load which was causing compressor not to energize once the condenser is turned on. System is only one stage and should be typically a multi stage or two stage system to improve efficiency and capacity to cool a three-story home. Repairs were available to charge of system with the required amount of pounds of refrigerant along with injecting a leak dye into the refrigeration cycle to return within 30 days to investigate possible leak location. Replacement options were discussed with Mr./Mrs. Olympia over the phone

Jamie G.

Jamie G. Job Checkin

Arrived on site to perform Ac maintenance on 2 2019 Lennox system. Per install. Cycled system on and off. Client stated no issues. Ask they just added Ac to the home. Found filter dirty and replaced filter. Recommend replacing more often. Did attic inspection. Insulation good. Found black flex ducting used. Checked electrical wiring, connection, and components on both systems. All good. Found blower wheel clean just dusty. System were barely used and only in winter. Both Motor are oil free. Both blower motors are amping high and above range. Indicating there going bad and on there way out. Recommend replacing before they both completely fail and system is not producing air flow. Evaporator coil are good and clean at this time. Drain lines are good. Safety switches are operational. Temperature splits are both good and in range on 19 degrees. Washed both condenser inside and out. Checked fan blades, bearing, motor. All good. Checked electrical compartment and components. All good. Primar

Michael P.

Michael P. Job Checkin

Ac diagnostic in Chula Vista, Ca.

Luke H.

Luke H. Job Checkin

Charged system up with R-22 Freon and adding leak dye sealant in chula Vista

Jason R.

Jason R. Job Checkin

AC maintenance

Brian H.

Brian H. Job Checkin

No cool Diagnostic and Chula Vista

Marvin  T.

Marvin T. Job Checkin

Quality Maintenance

Brian  C.

Brian C. Job Checkin

Seeing mom to previous customer