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Nicholas T.

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Reason for today’s visit was to assess power loss to the primary bedroom as well as the garage lights. Customer stated the breaker had tripped a few times, and now would not reset. I checked the main panel and found that the breaker controlling the affected circuit was dead shorting immediately when trying to be reset. First thing I did was open up the panel and found that most of the circus have been transferred down to a sub panel below the main which had a hook up for a back up portable generator. The main panel was a 200 amp Square D panel that was original to the home. There was another 200 amp Square D panel next to this panel that had been replaced. For whatever reason the left panel was never replaced. The right panel appears to have been replaced but without a permit. There was never surge protection installed or emergency disconnects. And then began troubleshooting the circuit at the garage, because customer stated he had previous issues with the garage switch. When I opened