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Nicholas T.

Nicholas T. Job Checkin

Replaced outlets in all 4 bathrooms with GFCI’s. Replaced customer supplied pull chain in ceiling fan in master bedroom and repaired power loss to light and exhaust fan in the powder room. All bathroom outlets and powder room lights are now operational.

Larry B.

Larry B. Job Checkin

Customers powder room on main level receptacle as well as both outdoor outlets are not working. Found a gfci in basement that was working but not sending power to rest of circuit and needed to be replaced. Also the outdoor outlets are not weather resistant and have bad gaskets around them letting water get inside and should also be replaced. Both outside outlets were replaced with weather resistant gfcis and new heavy duty in use cover to be code compliant. Main gfci to left of panel was replaced with a new gfci. The powder room receptacle was just replaced by homeowner and is black in color so it was re installed after re wiring of the device and basement bath was replaced with new gfci. Now anytime one of the gfcis trip at any location only that device will turn off allowing the rest of the circuit to continue being used. Verified proper operation of all completed work with customer.

Alex W.

Alex W. Job Checkin

Customer called about inspection corrections The home gfci in the basement under the main electrical panel was damaged. But the outside receptacles that were on the load side were rusted and beyond repair. So I went through that circuit which was two outlets outside on the 1st floor, 1 under the electrical panel and all of the bathrooms throughout the home and in each box I spliced all the hots together and the neutrals together and the grounds together then pigtailed off the splice and installed a tamper resistant GFCI in each location and line sided it through. This makes the locations gfci protected and will send power throughout the circuit only tripping the gfci that’s effected with a fault. The outside devices are tamper resistant weather resistant GFCIs with in use bubble covers over them and siliconed for the best protection against weather and water damage I also went into the main electrical panel and installed a ground bar allowing room to free up all the double tapped n