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The reason for today’s visit with customer was a scheduled appointment to quote adding a receptacle to his garage for an EV charger port. After greeting with customer, we then went to the garage and assessed the area of where the charger plug would go. I saw a 3/4 inch EMT run that went to the panel ran in 6 THHN stranded copper conductor. The customer stated he had a universal plug adapter for the current tesla charger and he wanted to optimize his charging capabilities. After going over the details we then were taken to the panel which was located in the back bedroom on the second floor. The panel was a 2011 Siemens 150 amp panel with dual function breakers and one mix-matched Eaton BR breaker. I recommended to the customer we replaced the incorrect breaker along with any work he decided on scheduling for the EV charger. I went over two options for the EV charger such as the customer buying an actual wall unit EV charger and us installing it or us installing a 240v 50 amp receptacle